August 8, 2023 | Impact Stories

Jebsen Group Launches “Sports for Vision”, Helping Visually Impaired Students Experience the Wonderful World

Today marks the National Fitness Day of China, the Group officially launches “Sports for Vision” project. It aims to motivate our colleagues to exercise more to protect our eye health and also help visually impaired students experience the world in a unique and exciting way through the concerted efforts of all Jebseners.

What is “Sports for Vision”?

Colleagues can log into “Sports for Vision” app and earn 30 “Vision Points” after exercising for 30 minutes. On this basis, every extra minute of exercise can earn one “Vision Point.”

Starting from today, if Jebseners work together to achieve 100,000  “Vision Points” target set by the Group within 3 months, the Group will purchase tickets of different museums for the visually impaired students. We will invite 15 groups of 45 participants (each group will include one visually impaired student, his/ her guardian and one Jebsen volunteer) to visit these attractions together. Accompanied by our volunteers, these visually impaired students can perceive the exhibits through touching and learn through explanations.

As these “Vision Points” accumulate, we will visit more cultural buildings in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

What inspired “Sports for Vision”?

In partnership with Orbis, the Group launched Project Morning Star in the Chinese mainland in 2011 to provide primary ophthalmic medical services in developing areas. A total of 20,885 sight restoration surgeries have since been performed and nearly five million people in rural China have benefited from the project, bringing a brighter future to countless families. In the past twelve years, over 160 Jebsen volunteers have joined field trips to personally witness the achievements of Project Morning Star.

With the launch of “Sports for Vision”, we hope that more colleagues will get involved in vision care via a more everyday approach, using exercise to spark hope. We also encourage colleagues to pay more attention to their own eye health.

Start exercising today! Every step you take, every ball you hit and every drop of sweat you leave behind can be turned into “Vision Points” to help visually impaired students experience the world in a wonderful way.