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In 1895, Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen co-founded the company of Jebsen & Co. with the belief that making strategic and long-term investments in a fast-changing world can open up unparalleled opportunities.

Jebsen’s Rich Shipping Heritage


Jebsen was established in 1895 as the sole agent for the M. Jebsen Shipping Company.

Shipping was the bedrock of the company’s activities and remained an enduring thread in its historical tapestry long after Jebsen’s ships were sold in the early 1980s. Jebsen also played a key role as agents to renowned shipping lines such as Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd, Rickmers, Senator Lines and Columbus Line.

Investment in Ships

The SS Heinrich Jessen was the first Danish ship order ever placed in Hong Kong, as well as the first Hong Kong ship fitted with a radar. As the first Jebsen ship to return to business after World War II, it helped transport essential food and medicine between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

A Colourful Path:
Bringing Synthetic Dyes to South China

Jebsen held a leading position in the dye markets of Central and South China in the early 20th century.

The company’s partnership with BASF helped dyes such as synthetic indigo and indanthrene become part of daily-life fabric in the 20th century South China.

Dyes – Synthetic Indigo

In 1897, Jebsen was appointed sole BASF agent in South China, and in the same year, BASF successfully produced a synthetic indigo dye. Given that almost everyone at that time in China had at least one indigo-dyed jacket, an enormous market opportunity was presented for this new product.

BASF had been active in China since the 1880s. Through their partnership with Jebsen, they saw exponential growth, achieving a threefold increase in sales between 1897 and 1900.

Courtesy of BASF Archive
Dyes – Indanthrene

Another key dye product distributed by Jebsen was indanthrene. More advanced, colour-fast and durable, it was available in many colours, with blue the most popular. Indanthrene fabric was both woven and dyed in China, contributing to the growth of the country’s manufacturing industry.

From Distribution to Supporting a Metropolis: Hong Kong on the Move


1955 marked not only the arrival of the first Porsche car in Hong Kong – one of Porsche’s first international markets – but also the beginning of Jebsen and Porsche’s ongoing partnership.

Drawing on almost 70 years of commitment and investment in world-class Porsche Centres and personnel, distributing one of the world’s most iconic cars has become one of our fastest growing businesses in Greater China.

Blue Girl

In 1906, Jebsen acquired the Blue Girl Beer brand and brewing formula. It has since become one of Jebsen’s most successful brands, evolving through the years into Hong Kong’s leading beer.

Jebsen also distributes other well-known beer brands in Hong Kong, including Budweiser, Corona, Hoegaarden and Suntory The Premium Malt’s.


In 1968, Jebsen pulled off one of the most memorable marketing events in Hong Kong history when managers Herbert Adamczyk and Jan von Doetinchem drove a modified Volkswagen Beetle across Victoria Harbour.

Jebsen represented Volkswagen in Hong Kong from 1953 to 1989.

Jebsen Wheel of Fortune

In 1968, the “Jebsen Wheel of Fortune” debuted on the Hong Kong TV programme Enjoy Yourself Tonight. The immensely popular lucky draw game was hosted by the company’s very own “Miss Jebsen”, Ms Jennifer Fok. Prizes ranged from Bosch washing machines to a Volkswagen car.

At a time when television was the newest and most exciting form of advertising, the “Jebsen Wheel of Fortune” made Jebsen a household name.


As Siemens’ representatives from the 1950s to the 1980s, Jebsen played a significant role in the modernisation of Hong Kong, supplying advanced medical technology and telecommunication solutions to both the public (including the MTR) and private sectors. We also brought affordable household luxuries – such as Siemens washing machines and Siemens water heaters – to Hong Kong’s emerging middle class.

Courtesy of South China Morning Post

Milestones of Jebsen


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