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Corporate Governance

Compliance and Responsible Operations

Business Ethics

Jebsen has launched an ethics and compliance program to practice its core values. With the support of the Board of Directors and group management, the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, company policies and processes, and training on ethics and compliance are the major content of the compliance plan.

Anti-corruption and Anti-bribery

We adhere to honest business transactions and embrace a zero tolerance policy for all forms of bribery and corruption. Adhering to all applicable anti-bribery laws in regions we operate in, we provide clear guidance on the daily behavior of all employees through policies such as the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, and Gifts, Entertainment, and Hospitality Policy.

Whistleblower Protection

Jebsen Group puts forward the Reporting of Malpractices & Speaking Up policy. Employees are encouraged to truthfully report suspected misconduct to help the Group identify the risks of related unethical behavior, ensuring its responsible operations. Jebsen Group takes all reasonable measures to ensure that employees will not be at risk of any form of retribution as a result of reporting malpractices in good faith and reasonable manner.

Information Security and Privacy Protection

Jebsen Group has issued the Data Security Policy. It is prepared according to different regions of its operational business and updated every two years to ensure its data security. For privacy protection, the Group has established and regularly reviews Jebsen Group’s Privacy Policy, Personal Data Privacy Guidelines and other related policies.

Risk Control

Risk Management

Jebsen Group has developed the Risk Management Policy Manual. A comprehensive framework has also been set up for identifying, evaluating, and managing risks internally. The Board of Directors is fully responsible for the Group’s risk management system and oversees risk management activities. Moreover, the Board of Directors is responsible for reviewing the main risks and uncertainties of the Group, as well as potential changes in risks.

Internal Control

Jebsen Group conducts regular reviews and evaluations of the adequacy and effectiveness of its corporate governance, risk management, and internal control processes, ensuring the legality and compliance of all processes and related work of the Group.

Our Progress in 2022

Ethics and compliance training sessions

4 ethics and compliance training sessions were delivered to directors and executives, and 6 sessions were delivered to new employees

People participated in ethics and compliance training sessions

A total of 253 people participated in ethics and compliance training sessions

Conflict of interest statement

99.3% of employees declared a conflict of interest statement

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