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Climate Action

Embrace Net Zero Emissions

Carbon Management

In 2022, Jebsen Group built a new carbon audit working group to expand carbon management from its own business operation process to the entire value chain. On the basis of comprehensive carbon inventory, Jebsen Group will further develop goals and measures to address climate change in the future, unlocking a new chapter towards “net zero emissions”.

Carbon Neutrality

Jebsen Group has achieved its carbon neutrality goal for ten consecutive years, and been awarded the CarbonCare® Champion Label for ten consecutive years, and CarbonCare® Star Label for five consecutive years, by the non-profit organisation, CarbonCare InnoLab (CCIL).

Jebsen Motors had been certified carbon-neutral by the Shanghai Environmental and Energy Exchange for three consecutive years, after the company became China’s first carbon-neutral dealer group in 2021.

Green Operation

Energy Conservation

All our offices reduce gasoline consumption by reasonably arranging the operation of our vehicles. In addition, we have upgraded our servers and hardware facilities to improve operational efficiency and reduce energy use. We also places significant emphasis on the utilization of clean and renewable energy in its daily operations and construction processes.

Go Paperless

Under “Digital First” concept, Jebsen has replaced traditional materials such as paper bulletin boards, posters and flip charts with electronic screens and conference whiteboards. Every Jebsen employee has been equipped with a electronic business card. We also use an online digital expense management system to reduce the use of paper.

Recycle & Reuse

We regularly organize the Declutter Competition to creates fresh, tidy workspaces, as well as encourage colleagues decluttere their workspaces by disposing unneeded items, digitalising and recycling paper documents, and filed away items that they do not often use. We also collected recyclable items such as paper and plastic bottles to facilitate the decluttering process.

Climate-friendly Lifestyle


Jebsen has joined WWF Hong Kong’s Corporate Membership Programme since 2000 and become a Double Diamond Member since 2004. We hope to promote sustainable lifestyles among our colleagues by educational activities in collaboration with WWF Hong Kong.

Earth Hour

Jebsen Group has participated in the Earth Hour campaign for the 15th consecutive year. During the campaign, Jebsen switched off all non-essential lights, neon signs and billboards across its offices and Porsche Centres in Greater China, encouraging employees to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.


JGreen is Jebsen Group’s new programme in environmental conservation. Through collaboration between different departments/divisions, internal promotion and educational activities, we hope that the green values can be internalised in Jebseners, and encourage our colleagues to live more “green” to make concerted efforts on the sustainable development of our environment.

Our Progress in 2022

GHG emissions

Jebsen Group’s total GHG emissions (scope 1 and scope 2) were equivalent to 11,417.46 tonnes of CO2e, with our carbon intensity dropping 30% to 622.20 (tonnes CO2e/HK$1bn)

Jebsen Motors’ carbon emissions

Jebsen Motors’ total carbon emissions from business operations decreased by nearly 5% compared to 2021

Porsche Centre Haining

Porsche Centre Haining became the world’s first LEED Platinum-rated Porsche Centre

Paper used

Solid progress was achieved under the Group’s “Digital First” strategy, with 24% less paper ordered and 30% less paper used, comparing to the previous year

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