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Global Network

Reach Further, Grow Stronger

Emanating from the bond of the two founders, Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen, the Jebsen Group connects a worldwide group of companies that bear their names and strengthen their global presence, opening new doors and preparing the way for new ventures.

Jebsen & Jessen Family Enterprise Network

~5bn USD
Greater China
Jebsen Group
Hong Kong

Motors | Beverage | Consumer | Jebsen Capital

Jebsen & Jessen (GmbH & Co.) KG

Chemicals | Textiles | Garnet Sand

Southeast Asia
Jebsen & Jessen Group

Cable Technology | Ingredients | Life Sciences | Packaging | Technology

GMA Garnet Pty Ltd.

Mining | Processing | Recycling

Regional Presence

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the Jebsen Group has an existing marketing, investment, and distribution network across the Chinese mainland and Macau, establishing an extensive presence in Greater China.

Chinese Mainland Market

From the inception of the company, the Chinese mainland business has been at the heart of our operations. The organisation has adapted itself to the many changes since the early 1900s. Our current business in the Chinese mainland was established in Beijing in 2004, among the first batch of foreign direct investment companies under the arrangements of WTO and CEPA. This structure has provided an effective business platform for Jebsen’s core businesses in this rapidly evolving market.

Hong Kong and Macau Market

With a comprehensive sales and service network, supported by an efficient logistics and digital infrastructure, Jebsen continues to play a leading role as a distributor of premium products in our home base.

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