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People Oriented

Equal and Diversified Opportunities

Compensation and Benefits

At Jebsen, with our compensation philosophy and dedication to be a family-friendly company, we offer competitive compensation and benefits, including medical benefits, wellbeing, bonuses and retirement schemes.

Diversity and Inclusion

Jebsen values diversity, inclusivity and openness, respecting outstanding talent from different backgrounds and regions.

Employee Development and Growth

Employee Training

We are dedicated to building the future-proof Jebsen workforce, with Common Core programmes accessible to all employees, in addition to Critical Skills and BL-Specific Solutions. These solutions will prepare our workforce effectively for the challenges ahead with a more agile, practical and forward-looking way.

Career Development

Jebsen introduced our Talent Development Programme to energise employees and enhance our organisational agility. Relying on the CEB (Corporate Executive Board) model and talent matrix, we screen for candidates with potential leadership qualities by evaluating the performance of managers at specific levels.

Great Workplace

Health and Safety

Jebsen strives to provide a healthy and comfortable workplace. Our new office prioritised employee experience through redesign. Complemented with an agile working space on each floor and smart facilities, the new office aims to facilitate cross-team collaboration and synergy in an inspiring and agile workplace.

Adhering to the “3Cs” model of Cares, Cheers, and Celebrates, we have reinforced our employee care measures to strengthen our team’s sense of belonging. Cares focuses on the physical and mental well-being of our employees, with specific measures including the Employee Abundance Programme (EAP) and Wellness Month.

Enrich Employee Experience

Jebsen organises a variety of Cheers activities to share positive life and work moments with its employees. Each Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas, offices across the Group organise Jebsen Sports Club events to celebrate the festivities together. We have also implemented Long Service Awards to reward our employees for their loyalty, service and outstanding contributions.

Our Progress in 2022

Percentage of female colleagues

Women represent 45.2% of our total employees and 41.9% of our management team

Employee satisfaction rating

A total of 96% of employees engaged in the “2022 Jebsen Employee Insight Survey”, with an employee satisfaction rating of 86%

Training hours

2,897 employees received training, with a total training time of 57,629 hours

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