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Jebsen Beverage

We Bring Exceptional Taste

As a premium beverage operator, we are proud to have a portfolio of leading self-owned exclusively distributed brands across beer, wines & spirits, and wellness beverages.

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Jebsen Beer

We have been selling Blue Girl beer since 1906, a historic import in the Hong Kong market. With Blue Girl’s fast-growing popularity in the Chinese mainland over the years, we formed a joint venture with global beer brewer AB InBev in 2019 to accelerate Blue Girl’s growth in the mainland market.

Jebsen Wines & Spirits

Jebsen Wines & Spirits is an independent importers and distributors of premium New and Old World wines, Japanese sake and mineral water in Greater China. Our portfolio is as diverse as the markets we serve, using a combination of exclusive partnerships with iconic brands and our own investments into brands and wineries around the world.

Jebsen Wellness Beverages

Our health-conscious consumers are the inspiration behind Jebsen Wellness Beverages, which offers a variety of sparkling beverages, kombucha, and mineral water. We distribute these products in the Chinese mainland by harnessing major e-commerce platforms, while collaborating closely with supermarket chains, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, and cafes, so that more consumers can enjoy healthy beverages.

Our Signature Brands

Blue Girl




San Pellegrino

FIJI Water



Stella Artois


Corona Extra

Suntory The Premium Malt’s



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