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No.1 Issue 2023 Transformation for The Future
March 20, 2023
By never standing still in the face of change and always embracing opportunity, the Group has continued its steady development, winning numerous awards last year. 2023’s first issue of MOMENTS focuses on some important Group achievements, while also discussing the topic of transformation.
No.3 Issue 2022 Navigating The Way Forward
October 18, 2022
While unexpected factors throughout the year may have had an adverse impact on the overall economic conditions, Jebsen continues to develop steadily, remaining focused on the long term. In this issue of MOMENTS, we will explore this topic, sharing stories about the fight against the pandemic, along…
No. 2 Issue 2022 Building On 2021’s Success
July 29, 2022
While reviewing 2021’s successes, this issue also looks positively to the future. Last year, the Group achieved a record turnover in spite of the challenging economic situation, and we are also well on track towards “Vision 2025”.
No.1 Issue 2022 Ready for the Future
April 11, 2022
As we have seen the past few years, COVID-19 has changed the definition of a workplace dramatically. To ensure that our workspace is built to the needs of colleagues while reflecting our culture and vision, the Group has built our Hong Kong headquarters at Hysan Place. With the effort…
No.2 Issue 2021 All Sights Set On Vision 2025
October 11, 2021
Vision 2025 places the consumer at the heart of our business. We seek to inspire the modern consumer to make the right lifestyle choices for themselves by offering an experience that is simple, intuitive and enjoyable.
No.1 Issue 2021 In Unity There is Strength
May 20, 2021
Our people are our greatest asset. This pandemic has, in a way, proven this right. COVID-19 has created so many challenges for the business and for all of us, as individuals, in our personal and professional lives. And yet, every day, our people rising to the challenge.
No 2 Issue 2020 Hans Michael Jebsen & Helmuth Hennig
July 10, 2020
Running a business is often been likened to sailing a boat: it takes trust among the entire crew, from captain to deck hand, for the boat to move fast, efficiently, and in the right direction. Former Group Managing Director Mr Helmuth Hennig liked a partner and chief helmsman for pivotal…
No 1 Issue 2020 Born in Germany, Raised in Greater China
February 3, 2020
When we strive for excellence, we can achieve the seemingly impossible. Blue Girl beer’s rise to fame is perhaps the best example of this. When we first acquired the Blue Girl beer agency, it was a fledgling business. Blue Girl was a working-class beer with limited market value until our…
No 2 Issue 2019 Remember Michael Jebsen & Dieter von Hansemann
August 5, 2019
Our long history has taught us that success requires the dedicated hearts and minds of all our colleagues. After the devastations of the Second World War which all but wiped out our company, it took the single-minded focus of our former Group Chairman Mr. Michael Jebsen (VI), his lifelong associate…
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