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Jebsen Group Releases Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019

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Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a leading brand builder and a focused marketing, distribution, and investment organization in Greater China, today released the CSR Report 2019, representing a review of its corporate social responsibility work in 2018.
The report marks the 11th consecutive year that Jebsen Group has published its annual Corporate Responsibility Report, as it has done since 2009, upholding its commitment and effective practices in the area of sustainability through environmental conservation, staff well-being and philanthropy across its diverse business lines during 2018.

This year’s report covers the work across all Jebsen Group’s six business lines: Beverage, Consumer, Industrial, Motors, Logistics and Jebsen Capital, summarising the Group’s operations in the Greater China region and its economic, environmental and social implications from January to December 2018.
Sustainability is a key objective of Jebsen Group. The company seeks to not only grow its long-term businesses, but also act in a sustainable manner in doing so. Jebsen aims to be a positive contributor in the communities in which it operates, both in the business sphere as well as outside its business operations. To this end, the company actively encourages and supports its staff to engage in activities that help the underprivileged, as part of the Group’s responsibility and contribution to the communities in which Jebsen operates.
Activities that support sustainability development aims are recognised by both Jebsen employees and its stakeholders.  In 2018, the Group was awarded a number of accolades: the “CarbonCare® Star Label”, “10 Years Plus Caring Company” and the “2018 Hong Kong Community Volunteers (Corporate Member) – Certificate of Appreciation.”
In 2018, Jebsen’s CSR investment totalled around HKD 6 million, with the company focused on four key areas of ongoing philanthropy. “Project Morning Star”; the “Life is Art” Programme; sponsorship in education, and volunteering activities.
Jebsen has continued its key partnership with Orbis and the Ministry of Health in the 2nd five-year plan of its “Project Morning Star” program.  The initiative is creating a model for better eye-care access in rural areas of China, thereby continuously improving the health conditions of the rural poor. The company’s experience in the Phase 1 five-year plan, which completed its first cycle at the end of 2015, benefitted more than 1.2 million patients with eye diseases in rural China. It illustrated that to effectively tackle eye disease problems in disadvantaged areas, it was necessary to provide both prevention and treatment solutions by building a sustainable ophthalmic medical system, rather than just simply treating individual cases.
Between 2016 and 2020, Jebsen has committed RMB 7.4 million in funding China’s first “National Model of Comprehensive Rural Eye Care Network Building Project”. In its first stage in 2018, the county-level eye-care services at pilot sites were established, a prototype of an ophthalmology medical system in rural areas was formed and local doctors’ professional skills and abilities were greatly enhanced.
As part of the project, six county-level hospital pilot sites have been selected in the east, middle and west of China, with the aim to create a brand new, sustainable and duplicable model of ophthalmology medical systems for some 2,411 county-level hospitals across rural China.
By the end of 2018, over 140 Jebsen volunteers had paid visits to these project sites in 12 organised field trips, whilst over 1,200 employees have learned detailed information about “Project Morning Star” through a wide range of educational activities.
Launched by Jebsen in 2014, the “Life is Art” Programme focuses on children with autism, enriching their lives through art education activities and social integration. Jebsen employee volunteers, along with the public, have had an opportunity to get to know, understand and appreciate the children participating.
In 2018, the handicrafts section of the arts courses expanded due to popular demand, resulting in the development of the “Building a Railway-connected Community” course and the “Family Love” parent-child camp.
Over the last five years, 451 children have benefited from the 346 art courses held with the support of 424 Jebsen volunteers via the “Life is Art” Programme.
Environmental Conservation
Building on the efforts that have earned Jebsen the “CarbonCare® Champion” Award for six consecutive years, in 2018 the company launched the JGreen Project, encouraging employees to adopt a green lifestyle and work together to create a more sustainable environment.
JGreen represents the Group’s new programme in environmental conservation through collaboration between the various Jebsen divisions and departments with education activities designed to promote green values amongst employees.
Jebsen has been a double diamond member of WWF Hong Kong since 2000 and has participated in the Earth Hour event for 10 consecutive years. In 2018, the company joined the Corporate Membership Programme and has collaborated with WWF Hong Kong to promote sustainable and green lifestyles through employee education activities.
The company has also invested in renewable energy projects and since 2012 has purchased carbon credits to offset its carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality. In 2018, it contracted the South Pole Group, an international carbon finance company, to invest in three climate-friendly projects, including the Siam Cement Group Biomass to Energy, the Nakhon Biogas projects in Thailand, as well as the Za Hung Hydro project in Vietnam.  This has offset 9,626 tonnes of carbon emissions and enabled the company to achieve carbon neutrality for the year 2017.
Employee Care
In 2018, Jebsen once again listened to the voices and views of employees in conducting its 3rd Employee Insight Survey. The company has launched seven new staff benefit initiatives in direct response to the feedback received. It was also gratifying to note that the Group’s CSR engagement work received high marks from employees.
As a whole, employee training participation and training hours increased significantly in 2018 with 2,609 person-times and 8,282 hours, representing a total expenditure of HKD 1.13 million. A total of 226 employees were promoted, accounting for 10.8% of all employees.
In 2018, Jebsen organised 26 leisure activities and 18 lunch-time seminars, attracting a total of 3,009 participants, to foster happier minds and healthier bodies and to guide employees in maintaining their physical and mental wellness.
Helmuth Hennig, Group Managing Director of Jebsen, remarked, “Sustainability is a key objective for the Group. We seek to not only grow our long-term businesses, but also act in a sustainable manner in doing so. It is our desire to be a positive contributor in the communities Jebsen operates in, both in and outside the business sphere.”

With 124 years of business experience, Jebsen’s core values guide the group in identifying opportunities, cope with risks and find sustainable ways of development. The pursuit of sustainable development through a responsible business model is not only a duty, but the only way to lasting success.
For more details, please click the link below to download Jebsen CSR Report 2019.
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