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Team Jebsen makes Triumphant Return at Porsche Carrera Cup Asia 2018

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The Porsche Carrera Cup Asia (PCCA) 2018 Finale kicked off at the Shanghai SAIC International Circuit, where Team Jebsen's professional team driver – Cui Yue – delivered a stellar performance. Cui Yue claimed the PCCA Dealer Trophy for Team Jebsen by finishing third in Round 11 of the race. His performance secured a fifth-place overall ranking for the year and the distinction of being the fastest Asian Driver in this season. In addition to this, Team Jebsen ranked third for the Porsche Dealer Trophy of the Year with a total of 176 points, and became the only team that has never been absent in the 15 years since the inception of the cup. Team Jebsen's continuous presence at the PCCA was recognised with the 15th Anniversary PCCA Honorary Award.


In the qualifying session of Round 11, Cui finished fifth and ranked first among Asian drivers, laying a good foundation for the following races. Cui broke away from his competitors without difficulty at the beginning of the race and took second place at Turn 1, which inspired a round of applause from the audience. Late in the race, Cui maintained his place in the top three positions by forging steadily and surely ahead. He eventually claimed third place and became the first Chinese driver to ascend the podium in the 2018 season. For a racing series whose trophies have long been dominated by foreign drivers, Cui's performance is impressive.


In Round 12, shortly after setting off, a car hit Cui from behind and he spun, instantly plummeting his position to the 28th place. However, in spite of the incident and the consequent unsatisfactory tyre conditions, Cui drew on over a decade of racing experience to make up for his loss; an adjusted strategy and spectacular overtaking moves allowed him to steadily chase from behind. He successfully completed the round with a seventh-place finish. Congratulations Cui Yue!


Jebsen Motors and the PCCA share a 15-year history together: Jebsen Motors is a founding member of the PCCA and was one of the very first teams to participate in the race. Jebsen Motors has been an established partner of Porsche in Greater China for the past 63 years and is one of Porsche's largest dealer groups in the world. Jebsen Motors is committed to giving customers excellent and comprehensive experiences to meet growing sales demands from Chinese customers as well as to actively promote the brand culture of Porsche.

The Porsche City Service Centre Shenzhen Luohu was officially unveiled by the Group in March 2018 and is the first Porsche City Service Centre in the world to feature the Le Mans Race as its theme. The Le Mans-themed designs in the centre were collaborative creations of Porsche China and Jebsen Motors, intended to showcase Porsche's sports car culture in every detail of the centre and to make customers feel as if they were on the racecourse.


"Our thanks to the PCCA Organising Committee and to all the fans for their ongoing support and trust in us. We are very pleased with the excellent performance that Team Jebsen and our driver Cui Yue has delivered this year, which has set a new milestone in the history of Jebsen Motors," said Mr. Joachim Eberlein, Managing Director of Jebsen Motors. "Team Jebsen and Jebsen Motors will continue to promote Porsche's sports car culture in China so that more fans can experience the passion and captivating charm of motorsport."