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Jebsen Group Expanded Motors Business to Nanjing to Further Its Presence in Mainland China

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July 10, 2018, Nanjing, China – Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a leading brand builder and a focused marketing, distribution, and investment organization in Greater China, today signed an agreement with Nanjing Dongshan International Business Headquarters Park to build a new Porsche centre. The signing signifies further investment of Jebsen into Mainland China and its expansion of the motors business into the Nanjing market.  Leaders from both sides including key officials from the managing committee of the CPC working committee of Nanjing Dongshan International Business Headquarters Park, Denis Li, Group Director of Jebsen Group, Joachim Eberlein, Managing Director of Jebsen Motors and Lilliana Choi, General Manager of Jebsen Capital attended the signing ceremony.


As one of the largest dealer group partners of Porsche in the world, representing the brand in the Greater China region for 63 years, Jebsen Group is committing nearly RMB 600 million to build and operate a completely new Porsche centre to meet the rapidly growing demands from consumers in Nanjing and eastern China. With the total land area of 9,341㎡ and total construction area of 16,716㎡, the new centre will become Jebsen's 11th Porsche centre in Greater China. It is expected to start operation in the spring of 2020 and the annual sales volume is expected to be 1,000 new cars and the annual turnover of over RMB 800 million. 

This Porsche centre in Nanjing Dongshan International Business Headquarters Park can provide services including showroom, repairs and body painting. It will install several sets of rapid charging poles, named DC Premium, in preparation for the innovative all-electric vehicle Taycan to be launched by Porsche in 2019, which provides customers the opportunity to experience super-fast battery charge. To respond to the energy-saving and emission-reduction initiatives proposed by the state in the 13th Five-Year Plan, Jebsen has also taken a range of energy-saving and emission-reduction measures to reduce total energy consumption and fulfil its social responsibility commitment. The new centre fully adopts a low carbon design that moves the air conditioner vent of the exhibition hall from the traditional roof top design to the height of 1.6m above the floor. The design also includes a hanging garden on the roof top which can ensure comfortable indoor temperature while effectively reducing energy consumption of the air conditioning. Moreover, LED lighting system will be used to save power.
Founded in 1895, Jebsen Group now has 6 business lines Jebsen Beverage, Jebsen Consumer, Jebsen Industrial, Jebsen Motors, Jebsen Logistics and Jebsen Capital. As a new business line launched earlier this year, Jebsen Capital played an important role in this round of cooperation by leveraging its strengths in market development and direct growth equity investment. Support from the local government and Nanjing Dongshan International Business Headquarters Park also significantly contributed to the smooth rollout of the project.
At the signing ceremony, the official from Nanjing Dongshan International Business Headquarters Park expressed his excitement to the official entry of Jebsen's Porsche centre into the park, "Automobile Culture Town of Nanjing Dongshan International Business Headquarters Park will start from car sales as the basis and gradually extend to upper and lower streams of the automobile value chain, boosting the robust convergence of the full value chain at the town. With the entry of Jebsen's Porsche Centre into the park, the Dongshan Automobile Culture Town has made another step towards the goal of achieving RMB100 billion GDP and building an industry with RMB100 billion output value. In the future we're going to continue our focus on the fundamental alignment of innovation chain to industry chain, achieve new leap-forward progress of various efforts, robustly boost cooperation programs and continuously create win-win results."
Denis Li, Group Director of Jebsen Group also expressed his gratitude and thanks for the strong support from the local government and the Park to the project. He said, "Nanjing is a key city in the heart of Yangtze River Delta economic core area that is growing fast and holds promising prospects. Jebsen Group has committed itself to the Greater China market for more than 120 years. In recent years with the transformation and advancement of China's economy, the Group has included more cities and regions into its strategic presence and investment. It will seek opportunities and room of growth on the basis of China’s robust development, keep innovating and reach new heights during the changes of a new era."
2018 marks the 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening. As one of the first overseas companies that re-entered Mainland China at the very beginning of this new era, Jebsen Group remains fully committed to the Greater China market by providing a range of quality products and services, developing new business opportunities and continuing its contributions to the communities and societies where Jebsen is operating.  Now Mainland China's economy is transforming from high-speed growth to high-quality growth and in the future the economy will be mainly driven by innovation. Jebsen will actively secure the opportunities created by China's economic growth to boost industry growth and meet the increasing demands for quality products and services from Chinese consumers.