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Enhancing Innovations and Embracing Change

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Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a regional leader in marketing and distribution of premium products across Greater China, has recently released its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 2016, which marks the 8th consecutive year that Jebsen has published its annual CSR report since 2009. It summarises Jebsen’s innovative and effective practices in CSR management, business partnerships, environmental conservation, staff well-being, and philanthropy in 2015 across its diverse business units. 


With clearly established objectives and the Group’s strong commitment in CSR, the programmes have taken economic, social and environmental considerations into the company’s strategic development and operations. Jebsen’s business growth has been successfully achieved, while expanding its efforts in various aspects of CSR from environment conservation, staff well-being to philanthropy. 

With a strong focus on the betterment of society, Jebsen’s invested HKD 4.5 million in CSR activities in 2015. A total of 62 philanthropic activities were organised, garnering a total attendance of 898 people/times and raising HKD 250,000 in funds. By the end of 2015, Project Morning Star, a philanthropic initiative launched by Jebsen in partnership with ORBIS in 2011, has benefited over 1.2 million ophthalmic patients in rural China in its first five-year plan thanks to donations of over RMB 5.15 million made by the Group. Due to the tremendous achievements and impact over the first five years of this programme, the next five-year plan was launched in October 2016. More than a million people are expected to benefit from it, with Jebsen donating RMB 7.4 million between 2016 and 2020.

Apart from Project Morning Star, Jebsen’s commitment to caring for the underprivileged is also reflected in its Life is Art programme. Launched in 2014 in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, this innovative programme focuses on caring for children with autism and children from migrant families, with the Shutterbug Club, Art Jamming Class and Djembe Drum Class as some of its major activities. Through the workshops, outdoor photographic exploration, DIY album creation and mini galleries, the Shutterbug Club provides the children with the opportunity to observe the world through a different lens and learn about colour and beauty. On the other hand, by organising Djembe Drum Class, teaching music and rhythm to the autistic children and providing them the opportunity to perform at music concerts and at Jebsen’s annual dinner party, the programme harnesses their creativity and increases their confidence through music. In the second half of 2015, more than 80 Jebsen employees participated in these programmes to show their love for the children.

Jebsen has also continued its support to education in order to cultivate the creativity, commitment and potential of students in universities. Jebsen will donate RMB 1 million in total over 5 years, from 2015 till 2019, to Nankai University for the second phase of the Nankai- Jebsen Education Fund, awarding outstanding students and teachers achieving excellent performance. Jebsen Group also cooperated with Jilin University in 2015, marking the third year of a partnership that seeks to nurture future business leaders through the means of a summer internship programme and insightful lectures. In Hong Kong, the Jebsen Educational Foundation Scholarship has supported more than 400 students over the past 20 years at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 

Jebsen considers the well-being of its staff to be a key priority, and recognises employees to be one of its most valuable assets. Driven by its Employer Value Proposition (EVP) - “Success Breeds Success”, the Group enhanced the communication with staff by launching “Jebsen Heroes” to highlight the staff’s success stories within the Group and share their achievements. In terms of staff development, the Group has developed a Career Pathing Framework and continued training programmes to support employees in their career development. In 2016, Jebsen invested HKD 3.5 million in staff training, and the total training productivity was 2,130 person-times or 14,732 hours. Advocating a positive work and life attitude, the Group organised a series of staff engagement activities to foster happier minds and healthier bodies, such as wellness seminars and exercises to guide employees to maintain their physical and mental wellness.

Environmental conservation is another core area of Jebsen’s CSR endeavours as it aims to strengthen sustainable development. In 2015, emissions of the Jebsen Group totalled 8,772.85 tonnes of CO2-e, with carbon intensity having decreased by 10% compared to the 2009 baseline level. Meanwhile, Jebsen continues to invest in two climate friendly projects, and purchased 7207.74 tonnes of carbon credit to achieved carbon neutrality for three years in a row. To promote green and healthy living, Jebsen offers consumers a variety of green products and services including home and building products, water purifiers, etc. Internally, Jebsen launched the “Green Office Solution”, encouraging staff to reduce printing, using recyclable paper, saving water and electricity. As a Diamond Member of WWF Corporate Membership Program (CMP) in Hong Kong since 2000, Jebsen proudly participated in the Earth Hour event for the eighth consecutive year, when all non-essential lights, neon signs, billboards and computers at Jebsen locations across the region were turned off for an hour during the global event. 


As a company deeply rooted in the Greater China region for the past 120 years, Jebsen has been awarded seven corporate social responsibility awards in 2015 which recognise its continuous active initiatives in philanthropy, staff well-being and environment conservation. “Grounded by its core values of Commitment, Excellence, Responsibility, Recognition, and Trust, Jebsen will expand its efforts in contributing to the communities and sustain innovation and adaptiveness to market changes.” said Mr Helmuth Hennig, Group Managing Director of Jebsen.

For more details, please click below links to download Jebsen CSR Report 2016.
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