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Jebsen Group Released Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015


Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a regional leader in marketing and distribution of premium products across Greater China, has recently released its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 2015, which marks the 7th consecutive year that Jebsen Group has been publishing its annual CSR Report since 2009. The report explores and documents its effective practices in the area of sustainability by covering relevant activities in 2014 and examining the current efforts and future aspiration in CSR management, business partnership, environmental conservation, staff well-being, and philanthropy across our diverse business units.
Grounded by its core values of Commitment, Excellence, Responsibility, Recognition, and Trust, as well as its core purpose of “enriching people’s lives by providing a choice of quality products and services”, Jebsen has achieved business growth while expanded its efforts in various aspects of CSR from environmental conservation, staff well-being to philanthropy.
Carbon management is the Group’s foundation to fulfil its commitment as an environmentally friendly company. In 2014, emissions of the Jebsen Group totalled to 7,209.74 tonnes of CO2-e, with carbon intensity having decreased by 3% as compared to 2013. Meanwhile, Jebsen continues to invest in two climate friendly projects through purchasing 6,702.12 tonnes of carbon credit to achieve carbon neutrality again, offsetting its 2013 carbon emissions. Additionally, Hong Kong offices launched the “Total Green Office Solution” initiative and managed to reduce printing equipment by 43%, printer energy consumption by 38% and paper usage by 3%.
Recognising employees to be one of its most valuable assets, Jebsen established its Employer Value Proposition - “Success Breeds Success”, and unveiled its new career website ( in 2014 as a direct communication channel with potential employees by showcasing the success stories of employees. Among the 2,679 employees in Jebsen as of end of 2014, female employees and management comprised of 49.9% and 39.7% of the workforce respectively. In respect of staff development and well-being, Jebsen has invested HKD 3.9 million in staff training, and the total training productivity was 2,797 person-times or 18,395 hours. A total of 33 staff activities were organised with 637 person-times of participation. Among these activities, the “Enjoy Your Life and Health” series which aimed to promote a healthy work and personal lifestyle for all employees attracted over 8,000 person-times participation. In order to assist Jebsen staff to enhance mental health, the Employee Abundance Programme (EAP) was continued with an addition of a 24-hour hotline (in three languages) to better serve employees in need of aid or consultation. 
As a responsible corporate citizen, Jebsen contributed to the communities with HKD 4.2 million of corporate donations, 39 volunteer activities and participation in 14 philanthropic activities, with a total attendance of 746 person-times. Since 1995, Jebsen has been supporting education. Over the past 5 years, Jebsen has donated scholarships in the amount of HKD 6 million to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In mainland China, Jebsen established the Nankai-Jebsen Education Fund to award excellent teachers in advancement of their expertise and to encourage outstanding students in excelling in academic achievements. Exclusive summer intern sponsorship was offered to students from Jilin University to prepare them for future career upon graduation.
In addition to supporting education, Jebsen also established long-term partnership with philanthropic organisations. Since established in 2011, Project Morning Star, a collaboration between Jebsen Group and global non-profit organisation ORBIS, has delivered on its promise to bring much-needed eyes care support and education to rural China. Beside philanthropic support, volunteers from Jebsen visited project sites in Gansu and Guangdong provinces in 2014 to assist local efforts of sight saving and blindness prevention, including visits to local schools to perform eyes screening and eye care workshops for the children. The five year project aims to significantly reduce cases of avoidable aplasia due to reasons such as improper treatment, inadequate medical resources, lack of knowledge on eyes health and financial challenges.

In the second half of 2014, Jebsen initiated another CSR programme, “Life is Art” which had significantly boosted employee volunteerism. Its pilot programme, the “Shutterbug Club”, brought the joy of photography to children from migrant families through a series of lessons organised by the Jebsen CSR representatives in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. 60 students accompanied by 65 employee volunteers, gained the opportunity to observe the world in different lens and learned about colour and beauty through photography. With much success, the programme has been continuing in 2015 with new elements such as painting classes and djembe drum workshops with autistic children in Hong Kong and Shanghai respectively. 
As a company that has been deeply rooted in the Greater China region for the past 120 years, Jebsen commits to sustainable development not only economically, but also socially and environmentally. “Moving forward, we remain confident about the market prospects and will continue to invest not only in our businesses, but also in our people who are the foundation for our success.” said
Mr Helmuth Hennig, Group Managing Director of Jebsen. After receiving the CarbonCare® Label 2013 award from Carbon Care Asia (CCA), Jebsen retained the laureate for three consecutive years, and received the Best Practice Awards in Corporate Social Enterprise and Green Development from the Best Practice Management Group in October 2014. These external recognitions are continued testament of Jebsen’s fulfilment of its CSR commitment as well as its active initiatives in environment conservation.
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