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CleanOil and Jebsen Kick off New Joint Venture

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High-quality base oil and lubricating oil for sustainable development of China’s automotive & industrial segments


CleanOil Investment Ltd and Jebsen Industrial Technology Company Limited, today announced the start of operations of their joint venture, Zhuhai CleanOil Petrochemical Co., Ltd (“Zhuhai CleanOil”).

Mr Antony Louis Marden, Chairman of CleanOil Investment Ltd, Mr Hans Michael Jebsen, Chairman of Jebsen Group and Mr Zhou Feng, Vice Party Secretary of CPC, Gaolan Port Economic Zone, graced the opening ceremony held in Gaolan Port Economic Zone, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province.

Zhuhai CleanOil, will specialise in the production of high-quality base oil and premium lubricating oil for automotive and industrial applications. It is estimated to produce 35,000 tonnes of lubricating oils a year, targeting customers in cities of the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta.

The 35,000 square metre facility cost US$40 million, and took two years to build. It will employ about 100 staff.

The commercial purpose of the plant is to tap into the growing demand for base oil which last year totalled 4.6 million tonnes.

Using CleanOil’s patented technology consumes more than 30% less energy than conventional refining processes, reducing the carbon footprint significantly, while eliminating harmful secondary pollution. A perfect combination of environmental protection and business sustainability.

The plant will provide customers in China with products of the highest API Group II/II+ specification.

Base stocks produced are superior to industry standards, enabling better engine protection at wider temperaure range and lesser dependence on additives, thanks to high viscosity index. They also carry negligible carbon residue and will be ultra-low in sulfur, carcinogens and heavy metals, making our base stocks very environmentally friendly, particularly in densely populated and urban areas.

Through its modern lube oil blending and packaging facilities, premium quality lubricating oils are produced using Zhuhai CleanOil’s in-house formulations expertise.                          

The product assortment will include top of the range API SN gasoline engine oils and CJ4 diesel engine oils as well as a host of other industrial lubricating oils such as hydraulic oils and gear oils.

CleanOil’s gasoline engine oil, in particular has been racetrack proven and gained substantial market recognition. Its anti-abrasive property promises to deliver a very smooth ride, and the synthetic engine oils enable extend oil change mileage while providing reliable lubricating protection.

Its modern and fully equipped laboratory is staffed with highly qualified and experienced technologists & technicians that carry out constant routine analyses to secure highest possible quality control.

The combination of versatile base oil, own blending facilities and know-how enable us to develop uniquely tailored and specially developed lubricating products to satisfy changing market demand and cater for particular performance requirements, such as for industrial or fleet customers.

Its products will come in either 1 litre, 4 litre, 20 litre or 200 litre packages which have fashionable and distinctive designs and are fully recyclable.

Comments from principal investors on the commissioning of the Zhuhai plant: “Anything that is good for the environment and is profitable, has to be a good idea”, says founder and owner of CleanOil Investment Limited, Mr Antony Louis Marden.

“CleanOil is committed to innovating the oil market in China with its disruptive technology, producing high quality base stocks and lubricating oils “Made in China”. Our proprietary, advanced, and environmentally friendly refining processes not only boast lower emissions but also better energy consumption, as we have well proven in our prototype in Hong Kong.” said Mr Marden, “Given that our prototype in Hong Kong has been run successfully and consistently for nearly ten years, it’s time for us to take a big step forward and build a bigger, commercial scale plant. With the recognition and support from the Gaolan Government, we are glad that our first industrial plant is sited here in the national class petrochemical park of Gaolan.”

Jebsen Group Chairman, Mr Hans Michael Jebsen said, “The Group will draw on its knowledge of China’s automotive aftermarket and its China-wide sales and distribution network of industrial products in the region to support the new business and meet the growing demand for quality lube oils.

We see that China is experiencing challenges in balancing growth and the impact on the environment, ranging from the air pollution from vehicles and factories per annum to contaminated waste water. As a company that has grown with China over the past 120 years, we feel that it is our corporate responsibility to develop and provide solutions to address these environmental issues in order for China to expand in a clean manner. With our long establishment in China market especially in the industrial and the automotive segments, we believe our expertise can further support the distribution of environmentally produced “green” base oils and lubricants.” he concluded.

About Zhuhai CleanOil Petrochemical Co., Ltd

With a state-of-the-art oil refinery constructed in Gaolan Port Economic Zone, Zhuhai CleanOil Petrochemical Co., Ltd is a joint venture of CleanOil Investment Ltd and Jebsen Industrial Technology Company Limited, the subsidiary of leading and long established Hong Kong family business, Jebsen Group. It will use patented Oil Refining Technology developed by CleanOil to manufacture products for distribution in the Pearl River Delta and Yantze River Delta markets.

About CleanOil Investment Ltd
CleanOil Investment Limited was set up in Hong Kong in 2012, as the commercialization and investment arm for Research & Development which had been carried out by CleanOil Hong Kong since its establishment in 2002. CleanOil’s highly specialized team of oil engineers spent over a decade to research and develop a disruptive and innovative oil refining process, which it tested and optimized to perfection at their prototype plant in Yeung Long. CleanOil created a proprietary and leading base oil refining process, which enables their plants to produce oil that is energy efficient and environmental friendly, without impacting the quality of the end product. For more information, please visit