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Jebsen Fine Wines celebrates 20 years of leadership in wine business

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Independent distributor retains top market position in Hong Kong as it ramps up investment in Mainland China

Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a leading marketing and distribution organisation for premium products in the Greater China region, today kickstarted celebrations for the 20th anniversary of Jebsen Fine Wines. Part of the Beverage Business Unit, Jebsen Fine Wines has marked this milestone with a five-fold increase in revenue over the last decade.

The market has over the past two decades developed favourably toward wine consumption. Jebsen Fine Wines benefitted immensely from being an early mover in the industry that had already firmly established its local presence and made significant strategic moves when Greater China was still a fledging wine market. This enabled a quick response to recent market changes, such as Hong Kong’s abolishment of wine tax in 2008 and Mainland China’s emergence as one of the world’s largest wine buyers, which helped Jebsen Fine Wines consolidate its leading position.

Said Mr Gavin Jones, Director of Jebsen Fine Wines: “As consumer interest in wines increases and consumption behaviour shifts, Jebsen Fine Wines has grown from marketing only a handful of brands early on, into a leading independent wine distribution business today that represents more than 80 brands such as Frescobaldi, Rosemount Estate and Bollinger — brands that have been part of our portfolio since day one.”

In the last 20 years, Jebsen Fine Wines has undergone a number of key developments. Investment in vineyards that included noted wineries such as Sacred Hill in New Zealand and Twinwoods Estate in Australia has given a whole new dimension to Jebsen Fine Wines as a wine player. In 1999, the Jebsen Fine Wine Club was established as a successful platform to provide wine education and further services to private and corporate customers. The portfolio extended beyond wines as partnerships were forged with the likes of the Barcardi Martini spirit range as well as San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna for mineral waters.

Jebsen Fine Wines has also developed its Grand Cru business and, in 2001, entered the Mainland China market where sales volume has surpassed that of Hong Kong for the first time this year, reaching 50 per cent in growth compared to the same period last year. More recently, its storage facility was one of the first in Hong Kong to be awarded both fine wine and commercial wine certification by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA).

A significant driver of success has been the market for mid-priced premium wines. Consumer buying behaviour has shifted from mainly hotels and restaurants to retail shops as home consumption becomes more popular, which has encouraged growth on the trade front. Recent portfolio additions include Chateau D'Esclan from Provence, Leon Beyer from Alsace, Misha’s Vineyard from New Zealand and several Bernard Magrez estates from Bordeaux. Over the years Jebsen Fine Wines has added quality brands and estates to enrich its portfolio – making it now a more complete offering to the trade and the consumer. Today, it actively markets and distributes wines in more than 80 cities across Greater China.

"Given the rising demand for wine consumption, Jebsen Fine Wines is optimistic about sustaining growth and leadership in the Greater China market,” added Mr Jones. “Also important to our success is having dedicated sales and marketing teams in the key focus cities, with strong sales channel management and a commitment to trade partners and suppliers.”