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Jebsen to make further inroads into second- and third-tier Chinese cities for digital imaging market in 2010

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Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a leading marketing and distribution organisation for premium products in the Greater China region, today announced that it will increase investment in its Consumer Business Unit, and implement new strategies to expand the distribution business of the digital imaging market in China. In 2010, first-tier cities will continue to serve as the centre of Jebsen Consumer’s distribution activities in China, while second- and third-tier cities will be further developed toward the goal of branching out to 100 cities across the country.

First-tier cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, remain very important to Jebsen, but the “blue ocean” market also plays a significant part in its aim to create a broader national network. China comprises a unique mix of distinctly urban and rural areas, with first-tier cities usually better developed for big brands, leaving second- and third-tier cities somewhat neglected. On the back of its rich marketing and distribution experience, especially drawing on the positive results achieved in developing the western regions, Jebsen Consumer will strive to address the problems that plague second- and third-tier markets: fewer product choices, lower level of services and incomplete channels. To this end, Jebsen has started to build on its network in more than 50 cities across over 20 provinces, to add to its current group of 300 distributors and double its city coverage by 2011.

Second- and third-tier cities account for 60 per cent of China’s total population; the potential for consumer spending is enormous. As a partner of many international brands such as Pentax, Rollei and Casio digital cameras in China, as well as imaging accessories such as the Manfrotto tripod, National Geographic photography bag and Lensbabies lenses, Jebsen has established a comprehensive footprint in first-tier cities. In 2010, it will continue to bring new products to second- and third-tier markets around the country, giving consumers there more options.

Jebsen will also increase its imaging market expansion in other remote areas, speeding up channel coverage from adjacent provinces and plans to establish a national dealer network. Also, it will break from tradition to develop new IT and 3C channels from photographic equipment shops, and increase its market share in new channels, becoming the leading independent distributor of imaging products in China.

Jebsen will further increase its investment in after-sales service networks and technical strength, so that customers in major cities and even in remote areas can enjoy a high standard of support services.

Looking ahead at the development of Jebsen Consumer in 2010, General Manager for China Gladys Leung said: “To serve the imaging market more effectively, Jebsen will develop the ‘blue ocean’ market of China, which will help us to consolidate our achievements in first-tier cities, and explore more new channels to help our partners promote their brands."