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Jebsen Expands its Beverage Portfolio in China with FIJI® Water

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With the signing of premium bottled water brand, Jebsen is further increasing Chinese consumers’ choice of artesian bottled water along with other beverage products

Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a leading marketing and distribution organisation for premium products with a unique presence in the Greater China region, announced today that it has signed premium bottled water brand FIJI® Water as its principal in mainland China, and will provide marketing and distribution services for FIJI Water throughout the country.

Under the agreement, Jebsen Fine Wines will have the exclusive right to distribute FIJI Water to food and beverage outlets as well as retailers in China.

Launched in 1996, FIJI Water, a natural artesian water, has quickly grown in popularity and is the number one premium bottled water brand in the United States. Bottled directly at the source on the islands of Fiji, FIJI Water will now be available in China at prestigious hotels, restaurants and select grocery and convenience stores.  

Unlike spring water which flows to the earth’s surface or purified water which comes from a municipal source, artesian water is never exposed to the external environment. FIJI Water starts as rainfall that filters through volcanic rock over hundreds of years before the water settles in a natural underground aquifer, where it is protected from external contaminants.

It is also this filtering process that gives FIJI Water its unique mineral profile that includes silica, fluoride and magnesium. Natural artesian pressure forces FIJI Water up from the aquifer, through a sealed delivery system, so that FIJI Water remains free of human contact until the cap on the bottle is unscrewed.

"FIJI Water is one of the finest waters in the world and one that consumers in China will appreciate for its purity and great taste,” said Mr John Cochran, President, FIJI Water.

This new principal for Jebsen Fine Wines strengthens and diversifies a portfolio of over 40 premium beverage brands that already includes Rosemount Estate, Marchesi de Frescobaldi and Robert Mondavi Winery, and some of the recently added products like Laurent-Perrier and Henkell-Trocken.

"We are delighted to have this new partnership with a prestigious bottled water brand like FIJI Water. This strengthens our comprehensive portfolio and helps further meet the needs of our fast growing customer base in the Chinese market," said Mr Gavin Jones, Director of Jebsen Fine Wines.