October 13, 2020 | Our Businesses

Jebsen Group Opens New Porsche Centre Nanjing Jiangning


Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a leading brand-builder and targeted marketing, investment and distribution organisation opened its new Porsche Centre at the Nanjing Dongshan International Business Headquarters Park on Sep 30th, 2020. This is the 125-year-old company’s eleventh Porsche Centre in Greater China, providing their trademark service experience for customers in Nanjing and Eastern China.

The new Porsche Centre covers an impressive total construction area of 16,716 square metres. With an overall height of 20 metres, the five-storey centre will offer a wide range of services, including a showroom, repair centre, and body paint services. The centre is also notable for the multiple rapid-charging poles installed on-site; these are compatible with Porsche’s all-electric Taycan, which launched in 2019 and can charge a car up to 80% of its battery capacity within half an hour. 
The Porsche Centre Nanjing Jiangning has adopted several industry-leading digital technology solutions. For example, environment monitoring systems have been installed to ensure the operational safety of machine rooms, while its network core switch uses a dual hot-standby system that mutually backs up and expands network bandwidth, improving internet stability and minimising risk.

In addition, the new Porsche Centre has also implemented a range of energy-saving and emission-reducing measures to decrease total energy consumption. These include a rooftop hanging garden, which effectively reduces the entire building’s temperature by up to six degrees Celsius during the summer months, while also conserving heat in the winter, thereby significantly reducing the need for air conditioning. A power-saving LED lighting system is used throughout the whole building, and solar panels have been installed on the rooftop, providing hot water for the centre’s maintenance workers.

Jebsen Motors aspires to provide services that exceed customer expectations, and a specific talent development programme has enabled the company to become one of the industry’s most respected organisations. As of mid-September, Porsche Centre Nanjing Jiangning employs 46 staff members, including eight Porsche Certificated Technicians – with one silver-certified and four bronze-certified – along with eight sales consultants. Among Porsche Centre Nanjing Jiangning’s staff, General Manager Andy Wu, Sales Manager Laura Shen, and After-Sales Technicians Bingbing Zhang and Lijian Yuan have been promoted to their roles within the new centre, having worked at other Jebsen Motors’ Porsche Centres for an average of six years each. This demonstrates the Group’s special emphasis on the continual training and development of our workforce.

During the National Holidays, Porsche Centre Nanjing Jiangning made its grand debut at the 2020 Nanjing International Auto-EXPO. During the six-day Auto-EXPO, more than 20 staff serviced nearly 800 local potential customers and Porsche enthusiasts, delivering the essence of the brand and providing excellent service experience.

Jebsen Motors – one of Porsche’s largest global dealer group partners who have represented the brand across Greater China for 65 years – has enjoyed strong overall sales in recent years. Jebsen was recognised for its stellar sales performance throughout 2019, delivering a total of 10,088 cars, representing 12% of Greater China’s total sales. It has also serviced over 100,000 customers across its network of workshops, and takes top honours for the fifth consecutive year in Porsche China’s Dealer of the Year awards.

Despite challenging conditions faced by the entire automotive industry this year,  Jebsen Motors has great confidence in the Greater China market, and will continue to provide premium products and services through its diverse range of digital marketing approaches. “We remain committed to our long-term strategy of infrastructure investment in the Greater China market, seeking sustainable growth in this competitive market for even more remarkable development,” said Joachim Eberlein, Managing Director of Jebsen Motors.