March 24, 2022 | Sustainability

Jebsen Makes Donation Towards Inclusive Education for Promoting Equality


Jebsen Group, a leading brand-builder and investor, today announced the establishment of the Jebsen Scholarship at Hong Kong Academy. The scholarship will grant financial aid to between four and eight secondary school students over the next three to five years. With this partnership, Jebsen hopes to aid and promote educational equality and socio-economic inclusion.

Hong Kong Academy is a non-profit International Baccalaureate international school, committed to providing a diverse and inclusive educational experience to its students. As a member of the Global Citizen Diploma (GCD) consortium, Hong Kong Academy believes in nurturing students to become global citizens who contribute positively to the community. Hong Kong Academy is also one of the few schools that provide education for neurodivergent students in Hong Kong, and it actively seeks to maintain an overall student population with diverse learning needs, some of whom receive learner support from a specialist team. As such, Hong Kong Academy and Jebsen share a common philosophy in advocating for educational equality.

“It is our pleasure to work with Hong Kong Academy to ensure that a diverse range of students will have the opportunity to receive a holistic, well-balanced education. We believe that these students will benefit from the school’s unique learning culture and develop into fully rounded, socially responsible individuals.”

“We use our Group’s position as a connector and enabler to build a better world together within our communities. Through the establishment of the Jebsen Scholarship at Hong Kong Academy, we hope to promote educational equality and improve socio-economic inclusion,” said Mr Alfons Mensdorff, CEO of Jebsen Group.

Prior to this donation, Jebsen funded a five-year sports training programme by InspiringHK, which benefitted 300 low-income students. Going forward, Jebsen remains dedicated to helping vulnerable groups by showing its support and love to underprivileged communities.