June 20, 2022 | Corporate

A Tribute to Our Pandemic Volunteers

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“I’m really proud to say that there’s a huge feeling of solidarity for people in need in this company. There always has been, and not just because of our CSR mission. It is because people really feel that they have a responsibility to do something for people in need.”

Mr Hans Michael Jebsen

This spring, a new wave of COVID-19 infections spread throughout China. However, this did not stop our colleagues’ from doing community work. In fact, they stepped up by donning heavy protective clothing during the pandemic to serve as community volunteers.

Volunteers who served during the pandemic are affectionately known as “dabai” (big white). More than 10 colleagues from Shanghai and Dalian became “dabai”, helping with tasks such as supporting residents in need, disinfecting premises, assisting nucleic acid testing and delivering daily necessities. Their efforts demonstrated Jebseners’ commitment to giving back to society. 

In their heavy protective clothing, our colleagues not only had to endure sweltering heat and long working hours, but also faced doubts and pressure from local residents — making their perseverance all the more admirable,. As Group Chairman Mr Hans Michael Jebsen said, Jebsen’s people really do feel that they have a responsibility to those in need.