December 19, 2023 | Corporate

CEO interview with China Daily: “Jebsen eyes mainland consumer prospects amid evolving market”

China Daily_image

Our CEO Mr. Alfons Mensdorff recently sat down with Chinese state media China Daily, reaffirming his faith in the Chinese economy and the upward trajectory of its consumers.

Mr. Mensdorff believes that ups and downs are normal for a family business like Jebsen Group that’s been deeply rooted in Greater China for over a century. “The long-term trajectory of China and the Chinese consumer—which we believe today—is an upward trend,” he said. “This is the fastest growing premium consumer story in the world.” 

The Group’s forward-thinking approach is evident through the establishment of Jebsen Capital six years ago. According to Mr. Mensdorff, the investment arm not only “drives innovation, but also provides the company with the flexibility to explore new sectors.” 

In line with this visionary mindset, we have made remarkable strides this year by venturing into the pet sector through the acquisition of two prominent companies in the online and retail space: ADP Group and Vetopia. Furthermore, to diversify our beverage portfolio and cater to the evolving preferences of the young Chinese consumer, we successfully acquired 31Jiu, a leading beverage company, last year. This expansion enables us to offer an extensive range of health and wellness products, aligning with the young Chinese consumer’s growing demand for healthier options.  

As a bridge connecting exceptional brands with Chinese consumers, we focus on building consumer trust and recognising the importance of patience for long-term success in the Chinese market.   

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