April 1, 2024 | Jebsen News

Jebsen Motors Sets New Record with Ninth Consecutive Win at Porsche China Dealer of the Year Award

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Jebsen Motors recently achieved remarkable success at the 2023 Dealer of the Year Awards, which took place at the Porsche China Dealer Conference. This outstanding accomplishment marked a triumphant ninth consecutive year winning the prestigious “Dealer of the Year” award, with Porsche Centre Hangzhou Westlake taking the title.

Throughout the challenging-yet-dynamic market of 2023, Jebsen Motors distinguished itself through strategic planning, brand loyalty and operational performance, resulting in a well-deserved array of accolades that demonstrate the overall strength of its dealerships. Porsche Centre Hangzhou Westlake secured the national championship for the sixth consecutive year, while other Jebsen Motors’ Porsche Centres also showcased exceptional prowess. Porsche Centre Nanjing Jiangning claimed the top spot in the Le Mans segment, with Porsche Centre Guangzhou Tianhe and Porsche Centre Shenzhen Longgang & Futian capturing second and third positions in the Nürburgring segment. The newly opened Porsche Centre Haining also won in the “Best New Dealer” category. These accomplishments truly exemplify Jebsen Motors’ prominent position and outstanding capabilities within the industry.

Mr Frederic Bottlang, Managing Director of Jebsen Motors, expressed his gratitude, saying, “Securing the top spot in the Porsche China Dealer Rankings for the ninth consecutive year is a testament to our team’s unwavering dedication and pursuit of excellence. Jebsen Motors stands as a proud extension of Jebsen Group, whose foundation has always been rooted in an indomitable business spirit. The achievements of Jebsen Motors represent the continuation and embodiment of this spirit. I would like to extend my deep respect to every Jebsen Motors employee; it is their commitment and contributions that have led to such outstanding results.”

Jebsen Motors has consistently allocated substantial resources to vital areas such as infrastructure, technology upgrades and talent development. In alignment with Porsche’s electrification strategy, Jebsen Motors has intensified its investments in charging facility construction and after-sales service, aiming to provide comprehensive service enhancements. As part of its ongoing projects for 2024, Jebsen Motors is actively establishing charging stations in all operational cities to accommodate Porsche’s new product line-up and meet the increasing demand for EV charging. Additionally, the brand-new Porsche Centre Hong Kong in Wan Chai has now commenced operations, showcasing a modern design that embraces the electrifying future.

Talent development lies at the core of Jebsen Motors’ growth strategy. An unwavering commitment to expertise and professionalism led Jebsen Motors to establish its Talent Academy. Through a series of training programmes, such as the Apprentice Programme, it empowers employees to reach the highest levels of proficiency. To date, Jebsen Motors has successfully recruited and trained an impressive cohort of 74 Gold and Silver Certified Porsche technicians. This exceptional talent pool forms a solid foundation for the company’s long-term development.

Jebsen Motors not only upholds a commitment to excellence but also integrates sustainability into its core business strategy. Jebsen Motors has achieved carbon neutrality for three consecutive years, setting a benchmark within the industry. Moreover, its Porsche Centres actively participate in CSR activities, making a sustainable social impact within their local communities. In the world of motorsport, Jebsen Motors stands as a driving force, actively nurturing young drivers and contributing to the development of motorsports culture in Greater China.

Jebsen Motors proudly introduced the iconic Porsche brand to Hong Kong in 1955 and expanded its presence to the Chinese mainland in 2001. As we approach the momentous milestone of 70 years of partnership, Jebsen Motors remains steadfast in its dedication to excellence and strives to achieve continued success.