August 23, 2021 | Sustainability

Jebsen Group Charitable Fund Establishes Significant New Partnerships with Five Hong Kong Mental Health Charities


Jebsen Group announced today that the Jebsen Group Charitable Fund has partnered with and made donations to five of Hong Kong’s notable mental health charities – Mental Health Foundation HK, Comfort Care Concern Group, Hong Kong Expressive Arts Therapy Service Center, JUST FEEL and Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association. These initial donations will enable the partner charities to launch a number of transformative new projects, as well as expand their mental health service coverage, improving access for even more Hong Kong residents.

Many people’s mental wellbeing has been heavily impacted by social, health and economic loss throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Jebsen recognises the importance of maintaining mental wellbeing during this time of heightened need and has therefore committed to focusing this initial round of funding on mental health charities. 

Jebsen Group Charitable Fund was set up as part of the Group’s 125th anniversary celebrations, with the clear purpose of generating long-term investment income for charities in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. The Fund aims to help local charities grow stronger and continue their vital work, meaning that even more people can benefit from their services.

The Fund’s inaugural year has seen Jebsen Group commit a remarkable HK$200 million, and it will initially be led by four committee members – Mr Helmuth Hennig, Mrs Désirée Jebsen, Mr Trevor Yang and Ms Angela Wong.

Jebsen Group believes that supporting the success of its charity partnerships offers the opportunity to create a positive long-term legacy while enhancing the Group’s contribution to its local community. Mr Hennig, Chairman of the Jebsen Group Charitable Fund, expressed great optimism about the partnership, saying: “With a shared philosophy and vision, we can work together to improve mental wellbeing in Hong Kong and make a real, lasting difference.”

David Lau, Chairman of Mental Health Foundation HK, explained the significance of this funding, saying: “Jebsen Group Charitable Fund’s kind donation is so important, not just to us, but to all our service users and their families. It will definitely facilitate us in moving towards our mission – to advance the mental wellbeing of the community.”

The Fund’s Five Shortlisted Partners:
Mental Health Foundation HK is an organisation established to provide mental health-related services, raise awareness and advocate for a stigma-free culture.

For more details about Mental Health Foundation HK please visit:

Comfort Care Concern Group’s mission is to support the bereaved, the terminally ill and their families. They provide end-of-life care services, bereavement counselling, and life and death education.

For more details about Comfort Care Concern Group, please visit:

Hong Kong Expressive Arts Therapy Service Center (HKEXAT) is the first registered charitable organisation that uses Expressive Arts Therapy, including visual art, music, dance, drama and writing, as a therapeutic approach to improve emotional wellbeing.
For more details about Hong Kong Expressive Arts Therapy Service Center please visit:

JUST FEEL strives to enhance the emotional wellbeing of students by promoting a culture of compassionate communication between students, parents, teachers and schools.
For more details about JUST FEEL please visit:

Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association aims to support patients suffering from eating disorders, while promoting public awareness and destigmatising the illness.
For more details about Hong Kong Eating Disorders Association, please visit:

Jebsen Group looks forward to building our partnerships with these organisations in the coming months, and seeing the difference and impact they will continue to make on the local community.