January 5, 2022 | Our Businesses

J SELECT Celebrates A Successful 2021 by Winning Two Retail Brand Awards


J SELECT was awarded both the “2021 Top 10 Quality E-Shop Awards – Silver” by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA) and “The Most Valuable Brand” award by MythFocus.

The judging criteria for the “2021 Top 10 Quality E-Shop Awards” were set by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association’s independent organising committee, and involved two parts: a mystery shopper review and an association review. 2021 marks the third consecutive year that J SELECT has won an award, this year taking the Silver Award in recognition of its outstanding customer service performance.

J SELECT was also awarded the “The Most Valuable Brand” award by MythFocus, which examines brand innovation, service, corporate social responsibility, business management and market competitiveness. This award demonstrates J SELECT’s quality performance and strong competitiveness in the industry.

J SELECT will continue to enhance the customers’ online and offline shopping experiences by providing them with more choices of quality products and services, so that our customer loyalty and lifetime value can be maximised.