August 18, 2023 | Our Businesses

Jebsen Motors Wins 2022 Porsche Dealer Of The Year Sustainability Award


Jebsen Motors recently won the “2022 Porsche Dealer of the Year Sustainability Award” at the Porsche Dealer Conference. At the conference held in Spain, Porsche Centre Nanjing Jiangning and Porsche Centre Guangzhou Tianhe were each recognised with a “More than a Porsche dealership” award, while Porsche Centre Haining was honoured with a “Sustainability@Retail” award.

Porsche China launched its Sustainability Award in 2022, aiming to encourage Porsche dealers and investors in China to actively participate in corporate social responsibility and carbon neutral projects. The Sustainability Award comprises of two programmes: “More than a Porsche dealership” and “Sustainability@Retail”. The former encourages and empowers Porsche dealers to make sustainable, local social impact beyond their role as auto retailers. After assessing the engagement and quality of each dealer’s CSR activities, the committee found that both Porsche Centre Nanjing Jiangning and Porsche Centre Guangzhou Tianhe were actively involved in CSR projects, engaging both employees and customers. Both centres’ respective projects – such as the “Visually Impaired Fun Sports Day”, the “Nanjing Hongshan Zoo Animal Adoption” and the “Children Painting Future: Rural Art Education Project” – effectively and relevantly support public welfare activities related to the environment, education, culture and other local social issues and needs. As a result, both centres were granted “More than a Porsche dealership” awards in recognition of their contributions.

The “Sustainability@Retail” programme is designed to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, encouraging dealers to take positive action towards decarbonisation, renewable energy and other sustainable measures. Porsche Centre Haining has been committed to environmental protection and carbon neutrality since its inception and has implemented a range of green energy-saving measures, such as installing solar photovoltaic systems, in its daily operations. It has also earned the distinction of being the world’s first LEED Platinum-certified Porsche Centre, leading to its win of the “Sustainability@Retail” award.

“Jebsen Motors has always taken the initiative to shoulder social responsibility and incorporate sustainability into our development plans. This philosophy aligns perfectly with Porsche’s values and vision. We also aspire to catalyse positive change through our own efforts, thereby contributing to sustainable development and innovation across the entire Porsche value chain and the industry as a whole,” said Joachim Eberlein, Managing Director of Jebsen Motors. “Moving forward, Jebsen Motors is committed to actively engaging with Porsche, setting an example in the industry and making meaningful contributions to our society.”

Jebsen Motors’ unwavering dedication to sustainable development is evident to all. Having become China’s first carbon-neutral dealer group in 2021, Jebsen Motors has achieved carbon neutrality for its third consecutive year, championing green development within the industry.

Additionally, its Porsche Centres actively participate in CSR activities that contribute to a broader range of social welfare initiatives. Since 2018, Jebsen Motors has proposed several projects under the “Porsche China Dealer CSR Fund”. Eight of these projects have successfully received funding and been implemented, benefiting people in need of assistance.