September 25, 2023 | Corporate

Candidate Interviews Begin for the “Jebsen & FAH-SYSU Education Fund” Programme


This year’s “Jebsen & FAH-SYSU Education Fund” programme candidate interview event was recently held at the First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University (FAH-SYSU). Ms Lilliana Choi, Director of CDAREI, and Corporate Affairs team were invited to join the event.

Leaders from FAH-SYSU attach great importance to the programme’s candidate selection. FAH-SYSU’s Party Committee Secretary, Ms Luo Teng; Vice President of FAH-SYSU, Dr Zeng Jinsheng; Vice President of FAH-SYSU and Dean of Zhongshan School of Medicine at SYSU, Dr Kuang Ming; Vice President of FAH-SYSU, Dr Yin Xiaoyu; Dr Zhu Qingtang; Chief Financial Officer of FAH-SYSU, Ms Lu Ying, and several professors of medicine joined to participate in the interview event.

During the event, Lilliana introduced the mission behind the “Jebsen & FAH-SYSU Education Fund” programme and expressed her deepest gratitude to the frontline medical professionals and medical scholars who are making great contributions to medical education and research. Lilliana also expressed her wish for students to continue forging ahead and progressing in the medical field.

13 outstanding medical students were selected to join the interview this year and the programme’s final list will be announced in due course.