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Jebsen Group Invests in Leading Elevator Advertising Player Tikin Media

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Jebsen Group recently led the Series B3 round of investment in Tikin Media, the leading operator of projector-based elevator media in China. Investors in this round also include Mirae Asset, SDIC Chuangyi and Enlight Growth Partners. This round of financing comes after successful capital raises led by Tencent (Series B1) and (Series B2). Proceeds from this round will be mainly used for location expansion, hardware upgrade, and technology development. Tikin Media expects to achieve a major milestone of covering 100 cities, 100,000+ elevators (with focus on office buildings) and 100+ million people.

Founded in 2017, Tikin Media is the pioneer of the innovative projector-based elevator advertising format, enabling high audience reach, real time online connection, program based listing, and big-data analytics. Since inception, Tikin Media has attracted a number of leading investors in China, including Tencent, Baidu,, Sequoia, and IDG.
Tikin Media differentiates itself in two critical aspects:
Firstly, Tikin Media’s advertising appears on elevator doors, the most visible location for elevator passengers. The dynamic audio-visual advertising format within an enclosed space ensures high attention from passengers and offers great value to advertisers.
Secondly, the company’s usage of technology provides a differentiated advantage in the advertising services sector focused on office buildings. As the only outdoor advertising company leveraging IoT and cloud technologies across its whole network of elevators, the company developed a proprietary precision marketing system with persona tagging and heat map technology to fulfil the demand of advertisers for precise ad placement. In addition, advertisers can also use the company’s real-time ad-tracking system to monitor the publication status on any designated device.

Victor Liu, General Manager at Jebsen Capital, commented: “Tikin Media is the pioneer and leader in China's projector-based elevator media market. As an innovative form of media, elevator projection advertising is superior in catching the attention of the audience. By leveraging network and digital technologies, it greatly improves publishing efficiency, placement accuracy, and effect monitoring compared to traditional advertising methods. Tikin Media has digitalized and transformed traditional offline advertising, which represents a major upgrade. Jebsen Group looks forward to cooperating with Tikin Media in introducing high-quality products to consumers in China."
As the strategic investment business line of Jebsen Group, Jebsen Capital was established in 2017. It is committed to making equity investments around the Group's business, focusing on global premium consumer brands and China's leading e-commerce, integrated marketing, advertising and media companies. Through establishing sustainable partnerships with the invested companies, Jebsen Capital aims to achieve long-term strategic synergy and mutual empowerment. Since its inception, Jebsen Capital has successfully invested in a number of outstanding consumer-centric businesses such as Boxine, PlusDental, StorHub,, and has established strong collaborative relationships with leading global investors. Our investment in Tikin Media marks an important strategic milestone for the Jebsen Group to expand capabilities and footprints in the media sector.