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Jebsen opens Asia’s first Porsche Studio in Guangzhou

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On November 16, 2017, Jebsen officially opened Porsche Studio Guangzhou in China. This state-of-the-art 460-square metre showroom, which is located in downtown Guangzhou at the Parc Central Shopping Centre, is Porsche China's 100th sales site, is also the first sales site in China to explore a different retail format, and is designed to provide a brand new Porsche Retail Experience.


Porsche Studio Guangzhou brings a wide range of digital experiences to Porsche customers, which is a part of the digital transformation that the brand has been investing in globally.


Describing the unique features of the showroom during the opening ceremony, Mr. Hans Michael Jebsen, Chairman of the Jebsen Group, said, "With the opening of Porsche Studio Guangzhou, Jebsen Group continues to expand its footprint in China. This Porsche Studio is the first of its kind in Greater China that features an exciting range of digital advancements in a cutting-edge showroom. We are proud to be here, in collaboration with Porsche China, to serve our customers and represent the uniqueness and excitement that characterises the Porsche Brand."

Mr. Franz Jung, President and Chief Executive Officer of Porsche China, said: "Porsche Studio Guangzhou is as innovative and forward-thinking as the brand itself. It demonstrates a unique combination of traditional Porsche spirit and the power of new technology. In today's volatile and dynamic business environment, we believe that innovative digital offerings in such a state-of-the-art centre will strengthen the brand, develop innovative customer experiences and attract new partners."

Conveniently located close to major commercial facilities and easily accessible through various modes of transport, Guangzhou Parc Central Shopping Centre has long been a popular destination for high-end customers. Porsche Studio Guangzhou is equipped with a 'Porsche Brand-New Retail Experience Showroom', which is specially designed as an experience room for the public, particularly automotive enthusiasts and Porsche customers. 

Porsche Studio Guangzhou also boasts multiple media walls and interactive displays to provide an immersive environment for Porsche products and sports car culture.

Visitors can enjoy a number of digital settings. Customers can obtain a PDS (Porsche Driver Selection) E-coupon via WeChat, and can also enjoy the Porsche Art in Motion as well as the Porsche brand heritage via Mixed Reality Technology. Furthermore, Porsche customers, fans and enthusiasts can explore the full Porsche model range with the Augmented Reality Cabinet. 

Additionally, for the first time, a Team Jebsen Racer, Cui Yue, has been featured in the PDS Area of a sales site following a special photo shoot invite.

"Porsche Studio Guangzhou jointly developed by Jebsen and Porsche, is a part of Porsche's global effort to be the leading provider of digital solutions in the premium automotive segment." Mr. Hans Michael Jebsen said, "With a 62-year partnership, and one of Porsche's largest dealers, Jebsen Group looks forward to catering to the growing needs of Chinese customers, while also connecting them to Porsche's latest digital offerings."