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Jebsen in Collaboration with Thales Angénieux Launch New Zoom Lenses Enhancing the Innovative Leadership in Cinematic & Broadcasting Business

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Jebsen Group (Jebsen) has launched the revolutionary Angenieux Zoom Lenses with Thales Angenieux to the Asia market. The unprecedented collaboration combined the technical knowledge and market understanding of the cinematic and broadcasting industry has made an innovative impact for both the professional and the prosumer users.
Following the solid partnership with Angenieux over 20 years, and the prescient anticipation of market trends and customers’ needs, Jebsen Industrial joins hands with Angenieux, a worldwide leader in premium quality cinematography zoom lenses, and Band Pro Film & Digital Inc., a U.S.-based global company specialises in products and solutions for professional filmmakers and videographers to launch this new product. The in-depth cooperation with these international players reflects Jebsen Industrial’s ambition and determination to extend its service scope, from market evaluation to market entry and penetration for its partners.
To meet the current market demand of an affordable run-and-gun shooting combined with high optical quality solutions, this collaboration provides pioneer product selections for customers.  Rooted in Greater China, Jebsen Industrial, as a business unit under Jebsen Group for more than a century, has grown with the Greater China’s cinematic and broadcasting industry for almost 50 years, staying, aligned with changing customer needs.
“We are proud to have won the trust of Angenieux over the years and to be the preferred partner of China’s film and broadcasting industry. With a goal of creating value for both Angenieux and Jebsen Group, this new partnership with Thales Angenieux adds another dimension to our equipment portfolio and strengthens our strategy as a one-stop partner providing multiple and tailor- made solutions for the industry in Greater China,” said Mr  Maximilian v. Stillfried, Managing Director of Jebsen Industrial.
As for the product itself, being completely customised for prosumers' market needs, the lens is a leading product which is believed to be two years ahead of the market in the field of relative specifications. The Angenieux Type EZ Series features two new fast and light weight zooms, with both lenses allowing the rear lens group to be exchanged between S35mm (up to 30mm image diagonal), and VistaVision format (up to 46mm image diagonal). The Type EZ lenses are one of the fastest zooms in the industry with an open aperture of F1.9 or T2. When converting the image circle between S35 & VistaVision. Integrated with an innovative modular design (Interchangeable Rear Optics IRO technology™) to cover S35mm and larger image formats for cine and broadcast productions, the Type EZ series will address the requirements of independent videographers and cinematographers who are seeking for cost efficient tools that enable professional cinematic expressions.  
China’s film industry continues to grow rapidly. Domestic productions accounted for more than 60% of ticket sales in China in 2015, while box office receipts jumped nearly 50% year over year. For achieving higher production values demands substantial investment, equipment costs accounts for as much as 10% of film and television production budgets. For 2016, Jebsen Industrial launched a new brand JCineCast, using its industry expertise to customise cross-brand solutions for professional and prosumer filmmakers. With the opening of service centres (JCineCare) in Beijing and Shanghai in 2015, an e-commerce and online community platform for the film and broadcast industry and adding new principals/brands, the business division successfully set footprint in the prosumer market segment and has become the only service partner in China that is certified to service lenses from multiple brands.
In Dec 2016, JCinecast launched Asia Resellers for Angenieux Type EZ series lens, please find the link below for the list and contact details.