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Jebsen intensifies green initiatives

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Carbon neutrality key to long-term success in the China market
Jebsen - Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a leading marketing and distribution organisation for premium products in the Greater China region, today announced its attainment of complete carbon neutrality in 2012.

The achievement highlights Jebsen’s understanding of China’s growing support for pro-energy and environmental conservation policies, which has led to more businesses committed to long-term success in China, making carbon neutrality an important component of their growth strategies. Jebsen’s latest project for offsetting carbon emissions, through a new partnership with international carbon management organisation Climate Friendly, involves investing in a 109GWh wind farm project with 58 turbines in Hebei Province, China.

According to the government work report released earlier this year, China is pushing for more green programmes that encourage and incentivise environmentally friendly and energy conserving projects and technologies such as green building material, water-saving sanitation products, and energy-efficient vehicles. Likewise, China’s 12th 5-year development plan places great importance on the development of renewable energy sources. As a result, China has turned carbon neutrality into a real and crucial opportunity for business growth, inspiring Jebsen’s goal of reducing its 2012 carbon footprint by 20 per cent compared to 2009 and now neutralising its carbon emission totally.

Internally, Jebsen has established a carbon management team that will measure carbon emissions from daily operations, ensure all essential guidelines are followed, and take action if any issues arise. Through the new green project, Jebsen has offset 6,000 tonnes of emissions this year.

"At Jebsen, sustainability has always been a keen focus, as we take a long-term perspective on all our business activities. We believe getting our organisation carbon neutral is a means of acting responsibly toward the markets that we operate in,” said Mr Helmuth Hennig, Group Managing Director of Jebsen.