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Jebsen sets 2015 revenue target at HK$15 billion

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Projected 2010 revenue to exceed five-year target.

Jebsen Group (Jebsen), a leading marketing and distribution organisation for premium products with a unique presence in the Greater China region, today projected its 2010 revenue at HK$ 9.4 billion and set a target of HK$15 billion for 2015.

The 2010 revenue figure marks the success of Jebsen’s “Double in Five Vision”, which set the ambitious goal of doubling revenue in the five years leading to 2010. In 2005, the Group recorded a revenue of HK$4.2 billion and challenged itself to generate 14 per cent year-on-year growth to achieve HK$8.4 billion by this year. The projected figure exceeds this target by HK$1 billion -- a 124 per cent increase in revenue since 2005.

"This extraordinary growth success is the result of implementing new business strategies, reorganising our corporate infrastructure and investing in people development,” said Mr Helmuth Hennig, Jebsen’s Group Managing Director.

Growth over the last five years came primarily from Mainland China, where Jebsen made several strategic investments, doubling the size of its workforce to 1,000, while establishing a fully-licensed group of companies in key cities.

To realise its 2015 vision, Jebsen will pursue a simple and clear growth strategy for its four business units. The target will be achieved mostly on organic growth, riding on the forecasted 8-10 per cent GDP growth for Mainland China.

"We are confident that our incisive knowledge of local markets, established distribution networks and competent local workforces built up over 115 years, will enable us to repeat the same level of success in meeting our targets for the next five years,” said Mr Hennig.