Jebsen CSR


With clear vision and commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), Jebsen is determined to integrate economic, social and environmental considerations into organisational strategies and operations.

After all, the Group's main goals are to distribute quality products and services to customers, sustain business growth, and improve the environment and well-being of the local communities.

People are Jebsen's important assets, hence special care is placed on employees' ethical behaviour, values and quality of life. The Group believes CSR is an imperative and win-win solution for sustainable growth, in addition to contributing to environmental and social quality.

At Jebsen, CSR focuses on three key areas:
  • Environmental Conservation

    As an environmentally responsible company, Jebsen works with our employees and partners to achieve energy-saving, waste reduction and compliance with environmental laws. Since 2009, the Group has focused its environmental efforts in five areas: Carbon Management, Green Marketing, Green Supply, Green Office and Supporting Environmental Protection NGOs. 

  • Staff Well-being

    Engaged employees are an important part of our success and continuous growth. Besides organising and participating in Group and local CSR opportunities, employees may also join a variety of staff well-being initiatives such as sport teams, health checks, seminars and workshops, as well as different recreational activities.

  • Philanthropy

    Jebsen acknowledges the role it plays as a corporate citizen in the communities in which it operates. To promote sustainable development in these communities, Jebsen abides by strong ethical and moral guidelines and supports charitable causes in line with the company's corporate values.

CSR Report

CSR Report 2020

CSR Report

Regular CSR reports are produced in a systematic way to diagnose what is needed as a sustainable and socially responsible company and to identify the further steps to be taken to improve and maintain this position. Jebsen is committed to giving back to society, working closely with key CSR partners for the region.

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